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Repair method for damage of hinge pin of small loader

17-04-08 字號 + A -

With the development of the construction industry, the use of small loaders is also more and more widespread, so when the use of small loaders when the hinge pin damage should be how to repair it?
In the operation on the two hinge pin to bear radial impact load, the bearing assembly clearance is very easy to change, easy to wear and damage, causing the machine to swing, brake failure, operation impact force increase, shorten the service life of the machine. If the repair according to routine maintenance ideas, fix the difficulty and high costs, and affect the performance of the whole frame, in order to ensure a reliable work requirements, on the basis of little decomposition of the original structure, can take the following measures: repair processing of a 800mm long positioning core shaft, outer diameter and the outer diameter of the hinge pin consistent, straightness is not greater than 0.1mm; concentric disc processing 4 200mm diameter, and the inner diameter of the front rack 1 mother hole theory of the same size, the thickness of 15mm, 40Cr materials, straight after carburizing hardness up to HRC60; then from the market to purchase (or according to the requirements of processing) two lengthened hinge pin. The length of about 280mm; after the replacement of 2 frame mother hole intermediate bushing; positioning core shaft 1, 2 concentric discs and front and rear frame as shown in Figure 2 the position of assembly, the 4 disc are respectively welded on the front frame plate body 5, remove the positioning axle The body and the disc, front frame plate welding.
Understand the maintenance method of hinge pin small loader damage, if you encounter this problem in the process of using, it can be in accordance with the method of Xiaobian introduce maintenance, of course, if you can't fix it, must look for professional people to carry out maintenance, it will save time, we guarantee safety.