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How do the small loaders maintain the hydraulic system?

17-04-08 字號 + A -

Small loader system were officially put into general are before after washing, we give small loader washing purpose is to remove residual contaminants in the system, scrap metal, fiber compound, etc. in the core, began work in two hours, even if there is no damage system of our small loader. It will cause a series of failures. What's the procedure for cleaning the system circuit?
1., we need to clean the tank with an easy to clean cleaning solvent, and then remove the solvent residue with filtered air.
2. we need to clean all the lines of the system, and in some cases we need to impregnate the pipes and fittings.
3., we need to install a flush plate on the flow collector to replace the precision valve, such as electro-hydraulic servo valve.
4. we need to be installed in the pipe oil filter can protect the oil pipeline and pressure pipeline valve.
5., we also need to check all sizes of our small loaders, whether the connection is correct or not.
Through the above introduction, we understand the method of cleaning small loader system circuit course, backwash cycle is determined by the system's structure and degree of pollution, if the sample filter media is no or very little external contaminants, then put on a new oil filter, remove the washing plate, mounted on the valve work! This will enable smaller loaders to better match our work and increase efficiency.