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Loader clutch adjustment method

17-04-08 字號 + A -

The loader clutch in the use process, because the parts wear, especially the clutch plate lining wear, the gap will change the separation and separation of the end face of the bearing lever, the gap will cause the pedal on the floor is not open separation. Separation of clutch friction plate also accelerated wear, reduce the service life of the clutch. It is in use should be according to the maintenance requirements of regular inspection and adjustment of small loader whole clutch, clutch adjustment methods so what?
(1) adjust the free travel of clutch pedal
The gap separating lever and release bearing working surface should be 2mm, the gap is called separation gap, corresponding to pedal free travel 30mm, if not, can release the lever two locking nut, and then turn the rod, to change the length of the pull rod, so as to meet the requirements of good separation. After the locking nut.
(2) separation of lever position adjustment;
When installing the clutch must first ensure that the inner surface of the outer end surface of the flywheel to separate lever distance (89 + 1) mm. at the same time to ensure that three separate lever inner end face on the same plane perpendicular to the axis, the mutual difference is not greater than 0.2mm. adjustment, loosen lock nut, rotate the adjusting screw. Three separate lever is highly consistent, complete with adjustment nut Atlas air compressor fittings.